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What to Expect at your Trial Run Session

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

One question I am commonly asked (especially this time of year) is how our trial run process works. I also receive very specific questions about this part of planning that remind me how not everyone has the same expectations, and I can't assume that these things are common knowledge- so I am here to share everything you need to know!

Preparing for your Trial Run Session

I reach out to all of our clients at four month to the wedding mark after lining up a few trial run sessions with the wedding day artists. Our goal is to have this session scheduled 2-3 months before the wedding, this is a great time to not be too last minute, but also avoid seeing many months of new inspiration before the day.

It's great to start a Pinterest board of hair and makeup that you love once you've committed to the wedding dress. Shortly before the trial run, it is smart to go through your inspiration and narrow it down to the looks that appeal the most to you.

At your Trial Run Session

We start out by inviting you to show us your inspiration photos, wedding dress (pictures), accessories and to describe what you are looking for with your hair and makeup. We will help you to sort through the common themes and zero in on exactly what appeals to you and determine the best direction to proceed.

You will be asked for your opinion a handful of times throughout the session to make sure that you like the way your look is coming together. Through this process, we are able to adjust things (like starting out with eye makeup on the subtle side and then building up to more dramatic), but not change back and forth or try out multiple different hair styles. This may work for wedding dresses, but not hair and makeup;-)

If you truly need to try out more than one complete look, we can schedule a second trial run session- but most often we can make sure that our clients feel confident in their look within one appointment.

Recapping your Trial Run Session

The day after your trial run you will have a follow up email from me to ask how you felt about your look after having the opportunity to wear it for the rest of the day.

This is your opportunity to ask any follow up questions you might have or let me know if you'd like us to adjust anything on the day, we'll make note of these details to touch base at the beginning of wedding day beauty appointments.

Of course, it's our goal to make sure that you feel great about your hair and makeup when you finish your trial run- but it's nothing to stress about if you decide to change things a little bit afterward. Sometimes, you really need to sit with a look for a few hours in order to take it all in and know how you feel.

I hope you found this helpful!

Photos by The Adamkovi


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