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And how you can avoid it if you read this now!

It's really simple friends! The number one mistake people make when getting a Keratin Treatment is not booking it in advance. Each year when the weather starts to heat up there's always people desperate to get in for their appointments (like yesterday). Add to that the fact that a full Keratin Smoothing Treatment needs to be scheduled when you have the ability to go 3 days without shampooing, it can take up to a month to get into the salon.

So here's your solution, try to remember the time of the summer that the humidity really starts to wreak havoc on your hair and get your treatment scheduled two weeks prior.

If you've never had one and are wondering if a Keratin treatment might be right for you, read on to learn all the answers to my most commonly asked questions about this service!

Q. Do I need a keratin treatment/would I like one?

A. If you have naturally wavy to curly hair and would like your hair to be less frizzy and faster to style with better styling results, you will probably love a Keratin treatment!

Q. Does a Keratin treatment make my hair straight?

A. No, a Keratin treatment will loosen your curl/wave pattern a bit. Where you will notice the big difference is in reduction of frizz (whether worn natural or blown out), and also drastically reduced styling time. For example, I know someone with thick hair that takes an hour and 10 minutes to blow dry and smooth with a flat iron. With a keratin treatment, we can blowout her hair in 45minutes and there's no need for a flat iron. That's a difference of 25 minutes each time.

Q. How do Keratin treatments work?

A. Simply put, Keratin protein is deposited into the hair shaft and sealed in with heat. Compared to a relaxer which breaks down the structure of the hair to change the curl pattern, the Keratin treatment works more like a super deep conditioning treatment.

Q. How long does the treatment last?

A. Unlike a relaxer, Keratin treatments gradually fade away over time. 3-5 months for the full Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment, and 6-8 weeks for the Keratin Express Blowout. This means that you don't have to deal with a harsh grow-out line. Also, if you choose to not continue treatments, you will not be doomed to an awkward phase.

I am always happy to answer your specific questions regarding Keratin treatments! Feel free to message me directly if you think of something I haven't covered here.


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One of the most rewarding things about working in wedding hair and makeup is spending the day with such amazing women and getting to be a part of their celebrations! Scroll on to check out some of our favorite moments captured with our recent brides and some never before shared (by us) content.


Photos by Kevin Shih


Photos by Timeless Tree Weddings


Photos by Stephanie Lang Photography


Photos by EV Photography


Photos by OMG Photo Sb


Photos by Ed and Aileen Photography


Photos by Stephanie Lang Photography


Photos by Ellen Gobeille

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  • Writer's pictureAnn Krause

When we hear seasonal hair care advice, it's often geared around all things Summer. Think; dealing with humidity & frizz, minimizing chlorine damage, keeping up with healthy trims because of extra styling & damage that might be happening.

Today, I want to talk about an under represented topic; winter hair care! I especially want to inspire you to use this colder time of the year (and in years to come) as a reset opportunity for the health of your hair.

Step 1.

Take a break. Since this time of the year is known for staying in a bit more, it's a great opportunity to give your hair a rest and cut back drastically on things that damage our hair.

Personally, I like to cut my heat styling down to once every 4-5 days (instead of 1-3 days). I also got a feeling last fall that a hair clip I used frequently might have been causing breakage. Now, I've swapped it out for super soft scrunchies for my around-the-house hair do.

It's worth mentioning that there's certain things we do that can cause issues later if we take a break and we want to avoid this. The biggest one is hair color. If you've been consistently getting color or highlights (and you plan to continue to do so) stick with your regular schedule. A long break results in too much outgrowth and can create a line that's impossible to blend in.

Additionally, the only thing skipping haircuts can help is your budget. Keeping those damaged ends hanging around can lead to even more breakage and that yucky feeling that you can't wear your hair down because it never looks right.

Step 2. Try something new. I say seize the opportunity to pamper yourself! Invest in a silk or satin pillowcase that's gentle on your hair (and skin, too)! Have you been thinking about a deep conditioning treatment but you never really get around to it? As your hair stylist for a recommendation. You have options for at home treatments that you can apply 1-4 times per month, or in salon by your stylist.

Step 3. Get ready for Summer

I mention this now because I believe it's best to think ahead a bit so we don't forget! Look ahead at your schedule and decide it you want to adjust your hair maintenance schedule (shifting by a couple of weeks is perfectly fine) because of any big events you have coming up.

Will you be needing a Keratin treatment this summer? Most clients like to have their appointment between mid May and mid June to experience the best results during our humid season. Since these appointments are on the longer side, it's best to book about a month in advance.

Are you feeling inspired? Have fun choosing some pictures of new hairstyles- taking a few inches off the length always gives us more volume and brings life back to our locks.... just in time for Summer!

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