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The Most Common Wedding Hair and Makeup Questions Answered

Through out the past few years of specializing in wedding hair and makeup theres definitely some common questions I get asked by a lot of our clients. Read on to learn what others are asking about and just maybe get a few of your questions answered too!

Q. Should my lip color on my wedding day look like my natural color?

A. This is up to you! Keeping with a natural color palette with your makeup in general is always a safe bet and will give you a classic look that wont end up looking dated in your photos years down the road. That's not to say that you must play it safe. If you're feeling like being a bit more bold with your look I suggest trying either a bold lip or bold eye (this is what your trial run is for)!

Q. I can't decide if I want to wear my hair up or down on my wedding day, what should I do?

A. I totally get it, there's so many great options to choose from. This is when I suggest considering the weather and your complete image including your wedding gown. If you're getting married in late July, you may lean towards a low bun that will keep your hair in place in spite of humidity, and keep you a few degrees cooler. If your gown has a very low back, wearing a half down style can give a nice balanced look.

Q. Should I choose traditional or airbrush makeup?

A. There's a few factors to consider here and ultimately your makeup artist will discuss your specific skin and concerns along with your inspiration pics to choose the best way to proceed. Traditional makeup involves a liquid foundation and powder (like most of us are used to) while airbrush can offer a lighter finish with better resistance to perspiration.

Q. How can we make sure that my wedding hair and makeup last all day?

A. When you have your hair and makeup done professionally we use all of our special tricks and techniques to make sure that the finished results will last as long as possible for you.

Your trial run session comes in handy here because we can use this test run to determine if we need to overcompensate or adjust anything ahead of the day.

Ultimately, the weather can be unpredictable and sometimes not favorable for keeping makeup and hair in tact. If you plan on being outdoors for awhile and/or if your wedding falls between late July & mid September you may want to consider booking touch up services for that added assurance.

I hope you found this helpful!


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