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Everything you Need to Know About Wedding Planning in 2023

If you're here that's probably because you're recently engaged! With my insider tips, I hope that you will find your wedding planning process enjoyable, and not too stressful.

If you know anyone who has gotten married in the past two years, you've likely heard stories about challenges they've had (even if they didn't need to postpone their scheduled date). Thankfully, couples aren't dealing with postponements at this time- however, the wedding industry is still feeling the effects of this. Since mid 2020, many couples have chosen long engagements in hopes of avoiding any Covid restrictions. This means that even though we're just kicking off the busy wedding planning season- there's a lot of dates this year (and next) that vendors already have booked.

The great news is that Chicago has so many talented wedding vendors in all of the areas, so don't stress out just yet!

What this means for you; once you are able to commit to a vendor don't wait to lock them in! There is no benefit in waiting it out. I highly recommend researching just 1-2 categories at a time and getting the necessary professionals booked before moving onto the next categories. This can prevent the overwhelm of thinking about too many things at once. Each year, I have a few potential clients who discuss all of the details with me and disappear for a few months only to be surprised that we aren't available when they reach back out. Usually, they will say that they took a break from planning because they got overwhelmed.

My next tip is simple; take recommendations from your friends and your vendors (like your wedding planner). This is the best way to really know what it is like working with specific small businesses. Also, things can run really smoothly when there is a vendor team that is familiar with each other's processes. This happens for us several times each year and we love it!

You can also ask your friends if there were any surprises they dealt with on their wedding day or any decisions they were glad to have made. You'll probably end up with some great advice you would have never thought of!

My third and final tip is to ask your vendors to summarize their process and the total cost of their services. This may go with out saying but it's helpful to know what to expect leading up to your wedding day so you don't wonder if you're being left hanging when you don't hear from a vendor for a little while.

Some areas will have a predetermined cost and others may vary depending upon multiple factors leading up to the day. Asking this question will bring to the forefront any costs that may have been missed in the fine print and also ensure that you're able to stay on budget.

Happy Wedding Planning!


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