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All the Wedding Day Tips you Need to Know

When it comes to having a smooth wedding morning, there's some things many brides and party members just don't think of until they're in the moment. Here's our best tips to make the best of your wedding hair and makeup.

photo by Sean Cook Weddings

Before your beauty team arrives:

All party members should choose photos of their desired hair and makeup looks.

Party members should also be aware of their appointments and be prepared to follow the schedule. When people need to be tracked down, the whole schedule can end up getting behind.

Before your hair appointment:

Run any necessary errands. Once your hair (and makeup is done) it's best to avoid going outside or working up a sweat.

Steam your dress. Steaming creates humidity, so it's best to not expose your styled hair to this culprit.

Photo by Sean Cook Weddings

Before your makeup appointment:

Eat something & brush your teeth.

Put your contacts in.

Doing any of these things can mess up your makeup application- so it's best to plan ahead.

Before either appointment:

Use the restroom. I know it sounds obvious, but when a party member needs to take a break during their appointment there is less time for hair & makeup.

Photo by Sean Cook Weddings


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