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Things to Think About Before Your Wedding Day

One thing that our clients particularly appreciate is the itemized beauty timeline we create for the wedding day. When I reach out to collect all of the details and any special scheduling requests in order to make the timeline, occasionally, people ask me what I mean. Today I'm sharing with you all of those little things you might have not thought of, I hope you find this list helpful!

  1. People who always arrive late- we probably don't want to depend upon them to be present first thing in the morning especially if you have an early start time!

2. People who have a long commute- maybe we don't want them to start so early in the morning.

3. People who have other obligations or tasks to perform the day of the wedding- ideally, they can perform tasks first and we can have their hair and makeup appointments later in the day so nothing gets messed up.

4. Anyone with Allergies- so we can prepare in advance

5. People who live in the same household- a bridesmaid who is also the mom of your flower girls should have her appointments around the same time as her daughter.

Ultimately, I just need to know the important requests that we need to accommodate, and I don't need to receive a complete order from you. In fact, I need a little flexibility in order to work out your timeline in a way that incorporates my special tricks to make sure that your day runs smoothly.


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