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What it's Really Like Working in Wedding Hair & Makeup

Just like many careers, there's a lot of common misconceptions about what it's like to be in wedding hair and makeup. That's why I thought it'd be fun to share some of the questions (and their answers) that I get asked often. Enjoy!

photo by Lauren Ashley Studios

Q. You must have a lot of crazy stories, right?

A. Actually, I don't. Our clients are no-drama and we plan ahead to make sure that the wedding day goes smoothly- so no wild tales to tell here.

Q. Since you specialize in weddings, do you just take the weekdays off?

A. This is one that always surprises me a little. Between communicating with brides inquiring about our services, planning for all our brides' trial run sessions and wedding days, and marketing to make sure we're constantly meeting newly engaged ladies, my weekdays are full (aside from Monday and Tuesday which I take as my "weekend").

photo by Nicole Morisco Photography

Q. Isn't it best to have dirty hair for an updo?

A. Not really. If your dirty hair means a little hairspray or dry shampoo build up, that's great. But If your hair is pretty oily (visibly oily on top) you're better off shampooing and starting fresh.

Q. How do you find new clients, is it all word of mouth?

A. We appreciate our clients and other vendors who send us their friends! How we stay busy all season is due to a combination of word of mouth, referral bonuses, Instagram, Facebook, Google my business, email marketing, the Knot, Wedding wire, and Zola (maybe I forgot one or two here).

photo by Sean Cook Weddings

Q. Do you offer any specials or discounts for weddings in the slow season?

A. Sorry, but we do not offer any specials. Our current pricing allows us to cover our expenses with just a modest profit. As Hair and Makeup artists, we are constantly investing in our kits, taking continued education, and ours is a field that doesn't come with the benefits (like health insurance & retirement plans) that are standard in other fields. While it may appear like we make a lot of money, much of that needs to be invested right back into the business. For these reasons, there isn't wiggle room.

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