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How to Style Perfect Waves on a Humid Day

Anyone else have hair that frizzes and puffs out while completely losing the beautiful loose waves that you just styled within 15 minutes of stepping outside??? I know I'm not alone here, and it just so happens that we are heading into a weeklong stretch of high humidity as I type this.

Read on for my best tips for styling waves that will hold up. They key here is changing your products and adjusting your technique a bit.

First of all- let's ditch the texture spray and the flexible hairspray that we love 3/4 of the year. What we need now is a STRONG HOLD hair spray. I prefer Kenra's 25 Volume spray with "super hold".

Like usual, we will approach our styling broken into manageable sections like usual- but the difference here is that we are really going to blast our hair with this strong hold spray.

Then take a moment to brush the hair so that the spray is evenly distributed. This also gives the spray the 3 seconds it needs to dry. We don't want to hear a "sizzle" when we put your hair in the iron in a moment!

When we use our iron, we want to clamp down on the hair (for added smoothness & reinforcement with heat) and take our iron all of the way to the scalp. Even if we don't want to wave the hair that high- we still want to slide the hair through- just like you would with a flat iron.

Then I like to blast the hair with my strong hold spray again once curled, and work up to the top with my Spray, curl, spray routine.

Then I spray it again when finished. Your waves should feel stiff and crunchy. This is your "set". Meaning; not the desired end result- but an over compensated- more intense version of your style. We can leave your hair hang out in this state for awhile if you have time.

If my plans involve being outside for hours, I will leave my hair exactly like this. It only takes a little while outside for this crunch look to soften.

If I am taking an Uber somewhere and spending minimal time out doors, I will break it up just a bit with my wide tooth comb so I don't look crazy when I arrive at my destination.

But don't be afraid to leave your hair waved a little tighter that your desired look.

The idea here to expect your hair to still loosen a bit when you're outside.

And even with some frizz activating you will still have a loose wave that looks intentional because of your strong set in the beginning!

I hope you found this helpful! Enjoy this beautiful weather, Ladies!




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