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The Number One Mistake Women are Making with their Beauty Products

Are you ready for this? The number one mistake we are guilty of making with our beauty products is that we are keeping them way too long! But it's okay, now is the perfect time to take on a super gratifying spring cleaning project that shouldn't take you more than 30 minutes!

The beauty of this is in the simplicity. Literally EVERY hair product, skin care product, and cosmetic has the lifespan indicated on its own container. We just need to know where to look for it!

My simple plan is explained below.

  1. Set aside 30 minutes to sort through ALL of your beauty products each season.

  2. Here is the key; you need to look for the tiny icon on each item that looks like a small jar-like container with an opened lid. This icon has a number inside like "12M". (You will usually find the icon on the side of a product toward the bottom.) This item is good for 12 months. Some will say "6M", "12M", etc. When you get into a routine, you can attach a small label sticker to each item indicating your purchase date before you even add it into your collection for easy sorting later!

  3. Anything that has passed its lifespan gets tossed, simple as that.

  4. Now you have the opportunity to curate your beauty product collection with intention moving forward. This is my favorite part of the process. For example; did you discard 10 beautiful lip colors? Maybe you need to keep on hand just 2 neutrals and 2 bold colors moving forward. Maybe after throwing out 12 hair styling and conditioning products that you thought you couldn't live without, you've learned to scale back to your go-to buys... or even switch over to some travel sizes to be less wasteful.

I hope that you found this helpful, and happy spring cleaning!



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