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How I Style a Long Curtain Fringe

About two months ago, I decided that I was tired of having really long boring hair (as I called it), and determined that it was time to change my style to more of a long shag with a curtain fringe. Since then, I've gotten several comments on my hair (positive ones), with a lot of women saying that they love my 70's vibes. Not complaining about that comparison!

I've also heard the compliments followed with, "I wish I could do that", or "I just wouldn't know how to style my hair if it was like that." Full disclosure; it's a tiny bit more maintenance than when I would style my boring long hair daily in beach waves (simply because I mastered wearing the same beach waves for 3 consecutive days without restyling)- but this isn't complicated. Here is my routine;

I use my favorite 1 1/4" curling iron (Bioionic brand) to first add loose curls away from the face to all of my hair. I no longer leave the ends straight like I did when going for beachy waves. With this larger iron- and therefore larger sections of hair, these curls take less time than beach waves. Only thing is, I typically need to touch this up daily. Then I grab my entire fringe (along with the longer bits on each side that reach my cheekbones) and curl it up and back as pictured above.

Then I roll the hair around a 1 1/2" velcro roller, pin it in place with a metal clip, and apply my favorite dry shampoo or texture spray generously. This will add volume and texture to the finished look. As an added bonus, this step keeps my hair off my face and makes the perfect opportunity to do my makeup while the roller sits there for 10 minutes.

Next, I remove the clip and slide the roller right out like this.

The fringe might look really weird at first, but I just run my fingers through it for a few moments until everything falls into place.

And now for the finished look...

It's worth mentioning that this technique is best for a curtain fringe that reaches at least to the middle of your eyes in its shortest, center length. Rolling a fringe back when it it too short, will make it flip outward in an odd way. I must say that I loved this fringe when I first had it cut while it was much shorter, just as much as through the outgrowth. Translation; if you are contemplating this style- you certainly won't need to be back in the salon all the time for bang trims!

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