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How to Dress up your Casual Holiday Looks

If you've been round here for a little while, you'll probably know my answer to this challenge- ACCESSORIZE! This Holiday season, I've hit the stores (multiple times) in search of the best accents to take our party looks to the next level, and I promise you that all of these are (ugly or not) holiday sweater compatible!

Up first is Layering Fancy Headbands. I found these two as a set at Anthropologie, so maybe I cheated. But finding pieces to pair up doesn't have to be tricky. I recommend looking for 2 different thicknesses in different fabrics or textures in colors that are complimentary but not the same. You can can also use a sparkly metal band with some height, next to a fabric one. I get headaches easily from the metal- otherwise, I'd rock that look, too.

Always place the larger headband first, and then the smaller one in front of it. I like to wave my hair first to complete the look!

Next up is Stacking Bold Barrettes. What do you know- I have a theme here! One alone would be pretty, but side by side, this chain link style from Express really stands out!

I prefer to sweep back a bit of my hair on the side. Teasing at the root first gives some added volume and the perfect amount of messiness.

I also love how these look next to the low bun that I throw together in 3 minutes. I would even consider this style to go with a formal outfit/event!

Happy Holidays, Friends!


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