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Headband Hair Inspiration for the Holidays

We all know it's no big secret that I just love accessories, and the bolder the better! My messy bun look is the perfect pairing with this embellished velvet headband, and I promise you that the style is DIY friendly!

I like to start off with second day wavy hair and apply some dry shampoo. Then I brush all but my face framing pieces into a low pony (after teasing my crown generously).

Next, I pull the sides down to cover most of my ears, and then I pull the top upward for messy, imperfect volume.

Now I'm ready for the bun. I tease the entire pony with my brush and then roll and bobby pin it into place. The key here is that it is okay to make the bun shape a little flat to the head in order to be able to make it appear wide and full.

And remember, this style (like most others) will be different every time you do it, and that's part of what makes it special. Have fun with it, and don't expect perfection of yourself. This is a relaxed look.

For a little added guidance, be sure to check out my IGTV video tutorial of this look.


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