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With the 2019 Wedding Season well under way, I am excited to be able to show off some of the beautiful Brides who my team and I have had the pleasure to work with recently! First, let me say that the photos I am sharing in this post are limited to the Brides I have been able to stay in touch with after their Weddings and whom have agreed to share their photos with me.

You will notice that all of the Brides featured here have chosen a timeless makeup application to show up as an elevated version of their everyday selves, with some Bridesmaids having fun with colors that are more bold. All but one have chosen a hair style that is down/half down, proving that you certainly don't need an updo these days to look like a Bride!

Mary Kate & Kevin

photos by Erin Hoyt Photography

With a little extra curl, and a whole lot of hair spray a style like Mary Kate's can stand up to hours of celebrating and dancing. A game time decision to slightly change the look of her half up style made her feel completely like herself on her Wedding Day, and we can't wait to get to work with a few of her friends in Weddings coming up later this year!

Eloise & David

Photos by HB Photos

Eloise proves here that styling a bob hair cut for your Wedding needn't be boring. Loose waves and the perfect flower crown gave her the ideal effortless, boho vibe. (Bride's own makeup ).

Megan & Dan

photos by Gerber Scarpelli Weddings

Megan was a regular guest of mine in salon for a few years before she got engaged, so once I noticed the ring on her finger I couldn't help but jump right in to her bridal beauty inspiration! I'll let you in on a little secret; when you are already seeing me every couple of months for hair cuts it is super convenient to work in a conversation about your Wedding plans. Megan and I were able to brainstorm her vision and narrow down ideas over the course of her engagement resulting in a trial run appointment that was perfection!

Kristen & Chris

photos by Lidia Codrean

Kristen here, shows us all that a chic updo will never go out of style. A natural makeup application completed her Wedding day glow and was designed to perfectly compliment the shades in her bouquet.

Amy & Eamon

photos by Gold Grid Studios

Amy's Wedding day look was definitely glam! She choose to kick the natural looking makeup application up a notch with deeper tones and a smoky eye. Her hairstyle is my favorite optical illusion. While appearing like it is mostly down, it is in fact all secured together. This ensures that her hair will stay over her right shoulder all day and night as well as holding the curl.

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  • Writer's pictureAnn Krause

A Review of taking a daily Biotin Supplement for healthier hair, skin, and nails for two years.

I have been growing my hair out since 2011 and it is currently several inches longer than it has ever been in my life! Along the way I have had to make choices (like doing less color/chemical services, mastering curling iron waves that last for three days without heat styling again) to maintain the health of my hair so that I could push past the long bob length.

In early 2017, I began to feel like my hair was thinning and it was starting to make me panic a bit. I could brush my hair and throughout my whole head I would find hair that was a length half as long as the rest (and we're not talking layers here). This was something I had seen before while working with clients and it was typically the result of a stressful phase in life having passed months earlier or post-pregnancy hair. In my case it wasn't the latter... it could have been stress, or something else.

Since we know that we grow something like 100 new hairs each day, I wondered if this was the simple explanation for the large amount of shorter hairs. I figured that there must be some truth to this idea and I just didn't notice it during all of the years that I wore my hair at shoulder length or shorter. Regardless, my mind still wasn't fully at ease and I decided it was time to try out a Biotin supplement and see for myself if they really work.

The Facts

Through a little research (on WebMd) I have learned that Biotin supports the health of the skin, nerves, digestive tract, metabolism and cells. While it is present in many foods making a deficiency rare, there are no known risks from having too much Biotin in your diet, resulting in an unknown maximum allowance.

Photo by Rebecca Haley Photography
My Natural Hair Today

The Downside to Biotin

I only have two complaints when it comes to taking Biotin.

I have a lot of fuzzy short hairs all around my front hairline. This is annoying in the instance that it poses a styling challenge. I need to try and blend them into the rest of my hair and when there is humidity they frizz out again. However, my hairline is much fuller now and the recession near my temples is less noticeable- so I'll take it.

My second complaint is my whisker! Yes, unlady-like as it is, need to share the full picture. Since taking Biotin, I have one coarse light hair that will grow just to the right of my chin. I check for it most every day and I always pluck it at my earliest opportunity! I must also mention that I am 37 years old and I have heard from other women that this is something that happens as we get a little older, so there is a chance that Biotin may not be the cause.

All the Details

As mentioned earlier, I began taking a daily Biotin Supplement in early 2017. While the results were hard to measure (minus the whisker mentioned above), I will admit that come Summer time the feeling of worry about my hair thinning had gone away. This might have been a placebo effect, but since I knew that I couldn't be hurting anything by taking it I thought that I might as well continue.

Fast forward to the Summer of 2018, and during a run to Walgreens, I found that the brand of Biotin I was accustomed to was sold out! I considered my options and went home with VitaFusion Extra Strength Biotin 5000mcg Gummies.

I continued with life as usual and was crazy busy since this was peak Wedding Season. One day I looked down at my nails and realized that I hadn't trimmed them in over a week and they were perfectly fine. This was around the same time that I began to grow a fuller front hairline. Then another week passed, and then another with no sign of a chip or a tear.

My old routine was keeping my nails polished and short to avoid breaking one at work and catching it in a client's hair all day. Now I can grow them as long as I want to!

Since these new results were blowing my mind, I decided to compare my new variety of Biotin to the old one and realized that I was now consuming double the quantity (from 2500mcg- 5000mcg) of what I was used to. That explained it!

While I haven't observed any changes in my skin, the benefits to my nails and hair have made me a believer, and I will continue to take this supplement and recommend it to others!

My Natural Nails Today with Traditional Nail Polish

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  • Writer's pictureAnn Krause

With the peak of wedding season just a couple months away, it is a great time to focus on the best practices to prep your hair and skin for your big day! What I'm talking about here goes a bit deeper than simply selecting an upstyle and making sure that your favorite makeup inspo on Pinterest matches your flowers. What we're focusing on is more of the behind-the-scenes stuff; how to build the best possible foundation to achieve the flawless look you desire on your wedding day.

I along with Tilly (who is a makeup artist and esthetician on my team) have worked together to create a timeline for you including all of our best advice.

Before we begin I must mention that the information shared below is our best general recommendations based upon our experience in the Beauty Industry. We recognize that each woman and situation is unique and advise you to seek your own consultation and research before introducing anything new into your routine.


Photo by Lidia Codrean
Tilly giving our Bride, Kristen, the final touches before her August 2018 Wedding.

First, Let's Talk about Skin!

6-3 Months Before the Wedding

This is your best zone for experimentation. If you haven’t used fillers before, you’ll want to test your reactions sooner rather than later. Most fillers last two to three months, so if you’re not happy with the results, there’s still time for them to dissolve before your wedding day. While we are by no means saying that every Bride needs fillers, timing is a common question we are asked so we wanted to address it here!

If you’re planning to have any medical-grade facials, such as a chemical peel or microdermabrasion, six months out is a good time to start. These procedures yield the best results when done in a series of four to six treatments.

You’ll also want to have a monthly facial leading up to your wedding. I find the skin looks the best for up to three days after a facial. So by scheduling your final treatment for the week of your wedding, you’ll have the glowing skin of your dreams!

3-1 Months Before the Wedding

During this phase, planning is key. Work with to your esthetician to make sure that your next few appointments line up to fall near your wedding day. For instance, if you get your bikini wax every 4 weeks, but your wedding is 10 weeks away, you’ll want to stretch out the time between those last few appointments so you have a fresh wax (with a few buffer days) before the honeymoon.

Your trial run will take place 2-3 months before the wedding.

Last Weeks Before the Wedding

If you plan to do a traditional tanning bed before your wedding, schedule a test run at least four weeks prior. This will give you an idea of what intensity you can expect, because at this point, you won’t want any surprises.

Should you opt for a spray tan, I recommend the airbrush method. This delivers an even look with less blotchiness and missed spots. A seasoned technician can even contour your body in all the right places. Just be sure to get your waxing done before your spray tan. The wax will remove the tan solution from your skin, which can leave you with farmer’s tan. Yikes!

Last Few Days Before the Wedding

In your final pre-wedding stretch, focus on getting as much sleep as possible. Build in time to unwind, whether it’s a massage or meditation.

Hydration is also key. Increase your water intake and find a hydrating masque for the night before your wedding. Under-eye patches are another great way to combat tired eyes in case you and your bridal party can’t get to sleep the night before. I put them on all my brides while they get their hair done, and by the time they’re ready for makeup, they look refreshed and well rested.

Ultimately, your skin will have a natural internal glow that your guests will assume comes from your overwhelming joy on this most special of days.

Photo by Lidia Codrean
Kristen having her veil secured by Ann moments before the first look.

Now Lets Talk About Hair!

6-3 Months Before the Wedding

This is the time frame when you want to have an approximate idea of what your wedding day hair will look like. Your hair stylist can help you to narrow down your options, and then advise if an adjustment in your hair cut or color is needed. There are many styles that will look their best with some added highlights, a gloss, or subtle layers. It is best to try anything new in this period so that it can be perfected in time.

Select your veil and any hair accessories you would like to use. Sometimes these items need to be ordered so allowing a little extra time never hurts.

Work a deep conditioning treatment into your routine once a week and ask your stylist to use Olaplex when you have hair color services. We want to make sure that your hair looks and feels it's healthiest.

Eat a well-balanced diet with lots of vegetables and drink plenty of water. I am personally a big fan of using a Biotin supplement once a day to improve the strength of my hair (and nails).

3-1 Months Before the Wedding

Your trial run will happen 2-3 months before the Wedding and you will be able to see exactly how your hair cut and color work into your desired style. You can then make a final haircut/color appointment for the last month.

The Day Before the Wedding

Shampoo your hair the day before or the morning of your wedding. Be sure to NOT use a deep conditioner, since these can weigh down the hair and prevent your style from holding well.

Photo by Lidia Codrean
Kristen & Chris

Meet the Artists Contributing to this Post

Tilly (pictured left) has over 12 years of experience as an esthetician and makeup artist, and she regularly advises future brides on how to face their big day with confidence.

Ann (pictured right) in addition to styling hair, enjoys coordinating all Wedding Day Beauty Services for her Brides. She considers herself to be quite organized, and believes that with proper planning you will be able to present the best version of yourself at your Wedding.

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