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The Low Bun

If you are anything like me, you love the whole Thanksgiving through New Year's Holiday season, and you consider keeping up with traditions almost a hobby of yours. The favorite of these Holidays for me, is Christmas. I began my collection of decorations as a small child (so young I cannot remember exactly), when my parents decided to gift my brother and I each one ornament per year so that we would not move out on our own someday without the necessary items to decorate our homes for Christmas. Now that you have caught a glimpse into my love for Christmas, you will not be surprised to see that all of my Holiday Hair Styles this year include some sort of ribbon or sparkle. Without further delay, let me show you my favorites!


Casual Half Up Style

I like to categorize this look as "casual" because I would wear it almost anywhere! This half up style has a bit of volume at the crown, some loose curls and a twisted effect which sweeps a good amount of hair away from the face. This whole look is held together with a sparkly rose-gold barrette. As an added perk, this makes me feel like my hair is a whole lot longer than I thought it was. Are you one of those people who picks up random barrettes when you shop and they just sit in your drawer because you never think of the right opportunity to wear them? Well here is your chance! This is now I will wear my hair for Thanksgiving dinner with my family.


The Messy Braid Pony

This look is a bit more adventurous by my standards and is fit for an evening out, for sure! A little tease for added volume and control leads into a deconstructed dutch braid, and then a ponytail. Adding wave and volume to the ponytail is a must to complete this hairstyle. Just check out what happens when I add a little extra sparkle in my last picture! I appreciate the option to wear this style accessorized or as is. I haven't decided upon my favorite version yet, but I do know that I will be repeating this look for my company Holiday party.


The Low Bun

There is just something so pretty and chic about this low bun. Although you may not see it, there is a slight tease for volume and control at the crown as well as along the sides. This look began with all of the hair swept back into a pony, then tons of teasing and pinning to form this textured bun. A loose bow of black ribbon perfectly compliments tassel earrings. This hair style makes me feel so classy without being boring. This is the look I will be wearing to church on Christmas Eve.

Happy Holidays!

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Hair by Ann, Makeup by Nancy, Photo by Oh So Lovely Photography

With October turning out to be a busy month full of new Brides reaching out to me about their 2019 weddings, I'm finding myself having a lot of conversations about the Bridal Trial Run Appointment. While you may find some similarities across the board when researching your options, I can tell you that all beauty teams are unique, and have created the processes that they feel work best for their Brides. Here, I will share with you ALL the answers to my most commonly asked questions about the Bridal Trial Run with Beauty by Ann Krause.

Q. How does the Trial Run work?

A. The trial run is an appointment that is all about YOU. This is when you get to see in person, exactly how your Pinterest inspiration translates into reality, and confirm that you love it. We begin your appointment with a conversation about the inspiration you have found and help you to narrow down the ideas you are considering. Throughout the process, we check in with you and make sure that you are happy with the progress. When we complete your look, we ask for feedback and make any needed adjustments. I follow up with you a couple of days later to see how everything worked out for you after our time together and if there are any notes, or changes that should be made for your wedding day

Q. When should I have my Trial Run?

A. I recommend having your trial run 2-3 months prior to your wedding. At this time, your hair will be approximately the length it will be on your wedding day, and it will be easy to commit to these details of your wedding day look. In the past, Brides have booked appointments a year before the wedding and end up changing their preferences because of all of the new inspiration they are seeing.

Audrea & Ryan- Patrick McBride Photography

Q. Do you offer any discounts for a Trial Run because you are trying to book a Bride?

A. No, we do not offer discounts for the trial run. This is a very valuable service, which requires more time and work than the wedding day because of our detailed consultation and the adjustments that are made to perfect your look. Generally, our Brides decide to book their wedding day hair and makeup up to a year in advance, and schedule their trial run for 2-3 months before the wedding. When a Bride prefers to have their trial before committing to use my team for her wedding, that is her choice and is perfectly fine with me. In this case the trial is booked immediately, as I am not able to hold the wedding date without her contract and retainer. I am also willing to meet with, call, or even see a Bride for a blowout in order to set her mind at ease before she books us.

Q. Does the cost for my Trial Run count towards my Wedding Day totals?

A. The cost for your Trial Run does not count towards your Wedding Day totals, as it is a separate, and invaluable service where two artists are taking the care to help you design your perfect wedding day look.

Rachel Mae Photography

Q. How many looks do I get to try out at my Trial Run?

A. Your artists will help you to narrow down your choices at the beginning of your appointment. If you are torn between two hairstyles, we can give you a really great idea of how each would look on you. However, if they are two intricately detailed styles, you won't see them both fully executed in order to be time efficient. Expect to see an over-all vision of the volume, shape, and silhouette to help you make your decision. In relation to makeup, we tend to begin your application on the lighter side to leave the option to go more bold if you choose to do so. The complete trial run will take place within 2 to 2 1/2 hours.

Q. Can I book my Trial Run the same day as my Bachelorette Party or my Engagement Photo Shoot?

A. Before choosing to book on one of these dates, please make sure that you don't want to keep your wedding day hair and makeup a surprise from your friends/family/groom. While your makeup application may be perfect for either of these occasions, you may not be able to take your hair down (based upon the hairstyle you choose) and have a desirable style for rest of the day. This is due to the back combing, pinning, and braiding that generally goes into making an updo. With that said, we are happy to accommodate if this works for you. We book trial run appointments on Friday/Saturday afternoons and evenings, but not in the mornings because we are with our Brides at that time.

Rebecca Haley Photography

Q. What if I need a second Trial Run?

A. While we are with you, we take great care to make sure that you get the results that you want so you can be confident in your wedding day look and know what to expect from us. I am happy to say that I haven't had a Bride tell me she was dissatisfied with her trial run. However, in rare circumstances, a Bride will end up changing her preferences before the wedding date. This may be because she purchased a different wedding gown, she saw something new on social media, or she has a mother or grandmother who feels strongly about how she should wear her hair or makeup. In this case, we are happy to accommodate you with an additional appointment, which will be at the same rate.

Q. How do I prepare for my trial run?

A. First of all, be sure to do your homework and know in advance what you like and don't like. Also have handy any hair accessories, veil, or hair extensions that you intend for us to incorporate into your hair style. Wash your hair either the evening before or the morning of your trial run, and have minimal product in your hair. Have a clean face with no product. Lastly, be ready to relax and be transformed into a Bride!

Happy wedding planning!


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  • Writer's pictureAnn Krause

This past week or two we have been living in that late summer/early fall phase that has me looking forward to wearing the coziest sweaters, watching the changing of the leaves, actually enjoying an outdoor workout without the fear of heat exhaustion, and dare I say tasting that infamous fall coffee flavor that is popping up in another food item every day! To celebrate this refreshing and welcome change, I would like to share with you my three favorite hair styles (in no particular order) for this fall. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do and finish this read feeling inspired to try something new for yourself!

The Ponytail with a Twist

For me, taking a ponytail beyond gym functionality is a bit out of my norm. However, with heat waves behind us, I am ready to ditch the topknot as my go to style! This look started off with dry texture spray on second day waves and then a considerable amount of backcombing at my roots. I formed a ponytail with all but the top of my hair, and then added that top piece in by twisting and wrapping it around the ponytail and securing it with a bobby pin. This look would be perfect to wear from the office to happy hour.


The Glassy Lady

This style was inspired by the Hollywood trend that is glass hair- smooth, sleek, and generally at bob length. Although this bears a loose resemblance at best (due to my longer length and the fact that I have layers) , I knew I needed to experiment with styling a low volume look with a polished feel that is nothing like the current standby of beachy waves. To achieve this, I gave myself a round brush blowout with a smoothing lotion and then curled my hair under and (gasp!) toward my face with a 1 1/4" barrel iron and a generous amount of flexible hairspray, before smoothing it all with my paddle brush. Clearly, this goes against everything we've been instructed to do since 2015, and perhaps that is why I am loving it! I would wear this style out to dinner or for a special date night.


The Side Slick with Serious Texture

I am so happy to see that fancy bobby pains are making a big comeback for everyday wear! I like to create a texture more intense than the typical loose waves to really emphasize the asymmetry that happens when one side gets pinned back. To achieve this, I used a standard crimping iron starting at my roots and going about half way down the hair length, while making certain to end the crimping in each section on a different distance from the ends (think; nothing too uniform, here). I skipped about 1/2 inch from my front hairline so that the crimping would not be seen around my face. Then I brushed it all out to have insane volume and puffy hair. After this, I used small sections and wrapped them around a 5/8" barrel iron. I layered my dry texture spray and flexible hairspray throughout the crimping and curling process. Finally, I messed it all up a bit before sweeping one side tightly over my ear and securing it with my bobby pins. To make things really convenient, the added texture really gives the pins something to grab onto and helps them stay in place. I would wear this for a night out with the girls.

Note: the pins pictured here work incredibly well, and are available from Riley Rose for under $5. for the set! They are available in store and not on the retailer's website.

Happy Hair Styling!


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