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Late Winter Hairstyles to Try at Home

The Hat

When I set out to create some Winter Hair Inspiration, I knew my recommendations would not be complete without an adorable new hat with a pom-pom on top! While some may characterize a beanie as "outerwear", I feel that referring to it affectionately as a "hair accessory" instantly makes me just the tiniest bit happier about all of the bundling up that I need to do these days!

Lately, I have been sharing my tips on how to win at hat hair. It's really quite simple! I believe that winter hats are best worn with hair that is wavy or curly. Whichever your choice for texture, the key is to begin below the bottom of your hat. (I say that the cheekbone and below is a good place to curl or wave). This keeps all of your styling efforts from being smooshed on the top

of your head and looking all wonky once you take the hat off. My other piece of advice is to use a little dry shampoo (or even dry texture spray) at the beginning of your style. This can be super helpful, even if you have just washed your hair and it is totally clean. Having this added grit and texture will allow you to revive your flat hair once you get indoors and take off your hat.

All you need to do is massage your roots with your finger tips, or for added lift turn your head upside down as you do it.

As an added bonus, you will have oil-free hair for days after applying the dry shampoo from the beginning.

My hat, which happens to be super soft and warm in these single digit temps was purchased from ALDO.

The Headband

Recently, I have been loving a turban headband style. Not the traditional turban like you may be thinking, which is more like a folded piece of fabric, but a traditional headband that is covered in a luxe fabric which is pleated, folded, and in this particular case, knotted.

The key to pulling off this look today is to place the ends of the headband above your ears, and then angle the rest of the headband towards the face. (As seen in profile in the bottom picture).

I am all about versatility when I add anything to my wardrobe, so it's particularly exciting to me that this accessory gives us a few options. Try tucking all of the hair back, (which is a great look while at work) or leave some of it forward. Either way, you have a look that is effortless and has a

feminine vibe.

This headband which I got from J.Crew is snug enough to stay in place, yet is comfortable

enough to wear all day.

The Scrunchie Reboot

When I first began seeing scrunchies for sale again about 5 years ago I couldn't help having flashbacks to my late-middleschool to high school years as well as an episode of Sex and the City. If you're a fan, I'm sure you remember when Carrie told her author Boyfriend that the one fatal flaw in his other wise amazing novel was that he had his heroine running all over NYC in a scrunchie. A SCRUUNNNNCHIE (in SJP's highest pitch possible. Poor guy, he hadn't noticed that the hair accessory had gone out of


As a woman in her late 30's I have had the opportunity to experience the second coming of a handful of trends from my childhood. Sometimes, it can be so fun to try on the new update of something we remember fondly. Or my particular favorite is when I acquire the new version of something I remembered wanting as a young lady, but didn't get back then. Let's be honest, the new versions of 80's and 90's styles

are much more flattering than they were back then. Case in point; overalls.

I created my low pony style here using 3 small ponytails with elastics, side by side at my nape. This allowed me to place the scrunchie securely over it without having to twist and double it up. The result is a scrunchie ponytail that keeps my hair looking full! I also pinched and pulled the hair on the top of my head to create some looseness and varying texture and a pretty face framing piece.

I created my 1/2 up style pictured here by first teasing my hair at the crown and securing it with an elastic. Then I gathered and twisted one section from each side and secured it to the original pony in the back with a bobby pin. Lastly, I covered my work (elastic and bobby pins) with a scrunchie doubled up.

My new set of velvet scrunchies from Urban Outfitters are the perfect thickness (not too thick or thin). The two pictured here also came with a navy blue, burgundy, and a deep green scrunchie to complete the collection.

I hope that you have found something here to inspire your daily routine and brighten your winter days. On a positive note, we are officially about a month away from the first day of Spring, and our days are about to get longer!

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