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There's a question I get asked often. It gets phrased in different ways, but the idea is always the same and it goes something like this; "Whats the craziest thing that has ever happened in your line of work?"

September is the time of the year that I reflect back on the current wedding season and determine the changes I want to make in my business to improve and fine tune practices, so I feel that it is fitting that I try out something a little different in this month's blog. Today, I am sharing with you all the interesting little details that people usually want to know as well as the things I like would like people to know about. I hope you enjoy it!

Photo by Lilly Photo

Let's Start with Questions from Other People.

Q. What's the craziest thing that has ever happened?

A. I consider it a blessing that I don't have any catastrophes to tell you about! I think we owe it to reality tv that there's an expectation of major drama that wedding pros must deal with. Given that I want to candidly answer this question, I'd have to say it's a tie between the time a Bride realized that she forgot her gown at home (about a mile away) when we were an hour into getting ready, and the time that a Bride was about two hours late arriving to the getting ready location. In both cases, things worked out, major crises were averted, and our ladies made it to their ceremonies on time and fully dressed!

Q. Do you get a lot of Bridezillas?

A. I've definitely never had a Bridezilla. In fact, a couple of the artists who work on my team have recently told me that they love how fun our Brides are! I consider that a big win!

Photo by Schilling Photography

Q. Isn't it really stressful working with wedding parties?

A. Actually, I don't think so! Since I manage the whole experience from the first inquiry to the big day, I am able to make sure we head into the wedding day with a set plan of how everything is going to work out (right down to making sure that there's enough time to get dressed and take photos without having to rush out the door). Add to that the fact that we get to work with people on the happiest days of their lives, everyone is generally in an excellent mood!

Q. Do you ever have a Bride who asks for something that's impossible?

A. Occasionally, I will have a client select an inspiration photo of a woman who looks a lot different than them. This is totally normal because it easy to be drawn to a photo of a woman who has the exact kind of hair that we wish we had. It's my job as the professional to point out that the style will translate a bit differently for them and explain what they can expect. (Sometimes getting extensions, a cut, or highlights will do the trick). Ultimately, I aim to underpromise and over-deliver.

I know this isn't the direction someone expects me to go when they ask this question; but the closest thing to an impossible request is when someone asks me to provide hair styling and makeup for 7 people in a 2 hour timeframe.

Photo by Rachel Mae Photography

My best advice for other Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists is this;

Always look good. When you select this line of work, you are agreeing to be a part of highly photographed events ALL THE TIME. No Bride deserves to have her professional photos showcase a stylist in a sweatshirt with no makeup on placing her veil. I cringe at the thought! Plus, when you look good, you put your clients at ease because they know that they can trust you with their image.

Photo by Lidia Codrean

In closing, my best tip for Brides is this;

Please consider using a Wedding Planner, and if you don't want help with the general planning, I guarantee that you will still find immense value in a Day of Coordinator! Strictly from my point of view (as someone who is only with the Bride the first few hours of the day), I get to see the challenges come up that would be quickly resolved- or never happen in the first place with a coordinator. The biggest one is managing the flow of the entire day and making sure that enough time is allowed for you and your party to transition from one "activity" to the next.

Sadly, I have seen some things that were planned and paid for get cut out as the day progressed when there was not a professional to create the itinerary.

Your planner will allow you to live in the moment and enjoy your special day and in my opinion, that would be priceless. If you are still on the fence, you have nothing to lose in scheduling a consultation/phone call and allowing a professional to tell you what they can do for you!

Happy Wedding Planning,


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  • Writer's pictureAnn Krause

If you know me, you know that I always love to make a hairstyle just a bit more special by adding an accessory (or two)! Recently, I splurged on a few great finds and I want to share with you the ways I am wearing them.

Normally I don't go for the crazy popular trends. When I see something everywhere it just feels too easy.... like it's the obvious choice. That didn't stop me from adding these pearl-snap-barrettes to my collection. Full disclosure; the style & functionality is exactly the same as a smaller, un-adorned version that my mom wore when she was in high school and let me borrow sometimes when I was a girl. So I guess you could say that these bring back fond memories. When a beloved old trend comes back, improved 100% you can count me in!

As soon as I got these, I had to experiment with the various side sweeping options they are known for.

The well done messy bun. I hear that there's a lot of women who doubt their messy bun skills. My first bit of advice is to not over think it. It's supposed to be messy, and it can definitely be asymmetrical. If you still feel like taking it up a notch add 2 of these pearl clips, big earrings and a bold lip for a look that will transition perfectly from the beach to your favorite rooftop.

This might be my favorite headband. Ever. I love how the way we wear headbands right now is just so relaxed and effortless. This one is made of an intense pink velvet. I think it is perfect with a t-shirt, skinny jeans, and heels. I expect to carry this into holiday season paired with a deep purple sweater. Who thought a headband could make you feel glamorous even when your hair is just "eh".

Too Glam to give a damn. Ladies! This is the kind of style we grow our hair out for! A twisty braid-do makes the perfect backdrop for a fun barrette like this one, and the combination is sure to get attention.

*All of my accessories were purchased from ASOS and I have linked them below in order of appearance. Enjoy!

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  • Writer's pictureAnn Krause

When photographer Rachel Mae approached me with her vision for her styled shoot at Company 251, I knew instantly that we had to be a part of it! What I love most about working on a project like this is the opportunity to create some beautiful additions to our portfolios that can serve as inspiration for our future Brides and at the same time show off our talents and our style.

I hope you enjoy these images from our photo shoot as much as we enjoyed creating them for you!

All the Details

So much beauty here that I can't limit this post to strictly hair/makeup/fashion!

The Preparation

Agnieszka's thick blonde hair and flawless complexion made the perfect canvas for Michelle and I to carry out hair and makeup vision.

The First Look

What a handsome couple are these two?!

The Bridal Portraits

Just look at this detail as Agnieszka spins!

The New Family Portraits

Kashmir the basenji got to join in on the festivities wearing a custom wreath of greenery!

Parting Glances

The Contributors

Venue: Company 251

Event Production/Design: Lionhearted Events

Photography: Rachel Mae Photography

Hair and Makeup: Beauty by Ann Krause

Flowers: Youth and Yarrow

Gown: Edith Elan

Bride: Agnieszka Barnak

Groom: Wojtek Wojcik

& Kashmir the Basenji

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