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Here's your Holiday Hair Inspo!

In time for the Holiday Party Season, I decided to give the Accessory Overload Trend a try! I first spotted this idea in Fall 2019 Runway looks, and fell in love. You probably have seen it on Instagram since a lot of the accessory/jewelry designers are jumping on board in a big way.

I really love the randomness of this trend and how you can mimic these vibes in various hair styles, with all different types of sparkly clips and fancy bobby pins. For my version here, I didn't even need to purchase anything new. You may recognize my various pieces (from ASOS and Riley Rose), because they have all been used in previous posts (Huge fan of repurposing, here)!

I decided to go with a Gold-Pearl-Sparkle theme so I gathered all of my accessories that met this requirement. Full Disclosure; I attempted this style two times to get it just the way I liked it. I began by using a very generous amount of dry shampoo and flexible hair spray all throughout my hair, and then I teased the roots of my hair throughout my whole head and especially at the crown. Then I smoothed my hair back (just with my hands) into a low pony. At this step, I made sure to not undo my teasing, but to also make sure that it wasn't showing through.

For the placement of pins, I used a second mirror to help arrange everything in a way that looked good to me. It helped to be patient with this step as I moved pieces around a bit until I loved it. Once everything was in place, I pinched and pulled small sections of hair between my fingers to create some looseness and variety in texture. It's important to do this step after the pins are placed, otherwise it's too difficult to secure them. I love how a little bit of messiness can offset the shiny accessories! Finally, I teased my entire pony tail and twisted and pinned it up into a messy low bun that slightly covers some of the lower pins.

If you want to know how I styled my bangs, please reference the previous blog post titled "How I Style a Long Curtain Fringe".

Happy Holiday Hair Styling!

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