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New Year's... resolutions?

Sometimes I wonder how common New Year's Goals (or resolutions) are. Are most people as intense about it as I am? Or am I in the minority? Especially considering the roller coaster of unpredictability of the past two years, I can relate to the urge to simply forget about goals for the time being. I've definitely needed to revise my plans, and also learn to not be hard on myself for some of the things I wasn't able to accomplish (in light of outside factors affecting my business and my clients' plans)! That was a tough lesson to learn.

A few years ago, I participated in an IN DEPTH workshop that taught me a whole framework for how to choose what goals to set, how to plan for them, and how to keep yourself accountable. My workshop was quite specific to beauty industry pros, but I've also found it helpful on a holistic level. In fact, I'm finding myself setting goals around my own health, self care, hobbies, and relationships that take at least equal priority to my professional goals.

In these (still) unusual times, I'm not claiming to be an educator or an expert on this topic, but I would love to share with you a few simplified versions of my favorite tips that I continue to find very helpful as I try to create the best version of my life possible.

  1. Aim high with your goals. Forget about what's realistic (with any type of a goal). If you you shoot for just a little better than last year, it's almost certain that you will achieve that. But if you for example shoot to double your income, maybe you don't achieve that, but it could be the reason that you increase your income by 50%.

  2. Make a vision board and keep it close. As a visual person, I like to find and print a bunch of photos that represent my goals. I also make a circle chart on the back putting all of my goals in writing and connecting each goal with its subcategories. I find it gratifying to color in the circles as I complete items, and also to put fun stickers on the photos to check off completed tasks throughout the year.

  3. Make a detailed plan each quarter. Right now, I have a plan through the end of March with 2 tasks each week that are going to bring me closer to my goals. Now, the only way this works is if I make these tasks non- negotiable. If my schedule is too demanding, and something needs to be cut at the end of the week THIS isn't it! Then in the last week of the quarter, I get to review everything I finished and plan out the next three months.

  4. Make Personal Goals. Don't be career obsessed to a fault. I will admit, this is something I need to keep on working at. This year my personal goals include cutting back on caffeine and alcohol, both of which have been a bit too tempting through the pandemic.

Here's to hoping (and working) for a happy, healthy, and successful 2022! I hope you've found my tips helpful!


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