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Inspiration from our Real Brides- Winter Edition

above: Sarah & Joey


photos: Michelle Lytle Photography

It's no secret that I've been going all in with the Christmas decorations, traditions, and brainstorming festive beauty looks that suit our modified celebrations this year!

In honor of the holiday season, It's clearly the perfect time to share a tribute in photos to our real Brides- and show off how just how amazing they looked on their wedding days!

Grab a hot chocolate before wrapping up in your coziest blanket, and scroll on for some of my favorite pictures from our winter brides- including some that I've never shared before.

below: Ashley & Ryan


photos: Sprung Photo

below: Amanda & Lindsey


photos: The KSB Photo LLC.

below: Emily & Jorge


photos: Juancho SC Photography

below: Sarah & Joey


photos: Michelle Lytle Photography

below: Caitlin & Tim


photos: Rebecca Haley Photography

Happy Holidays!


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