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How one Chicago Couple Achieved Small Wedding Goals!

Having a small wedding does come with it's advantages! Couples who are able to scale back often find opportunities to get really creative (in ways that cannot be carried out with a guest list of 200).

When Elizabeth and Michael got married on a Monday morning last October, they were able to pull off a big surprise for their family and friends. It was their ten year anniversary that day, and they had told their favorite people that they were ready to get engaged, and wanted them to come along to select Elizabeth's engagement ring.

Completely unexpected to all, the couple arrived to pick up their wedding guests in a bus with photographer Mackenzie Maeder along for the ride- and to document the surprise wedding about to take place! As you can imagine, the intimate group of guests was absolutely overjoyed!

This wedding is a perfect example of how small can be really special!

Hair by Ann

Makeup by Tilly

Photos by Mackenzie Maeder

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