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How to Know if a Keratin Treatment is Right for You

All of a sudden, summer is here! Along with the record breaking heat this week, some people are feeling quite frustrated with their hair- and that's all thanks to humidity. Read on to learn if a Keratin treatment could be your problem solver this summer.

Keratin treatments are one of my favorite services to provide in salon (seeing and feeling the results is quite gratifying) and they also happen to be surrounded with a lot of misconceptions! My goal here is to answer some of the common questions and leave you feeling informed- and with a better idea if a Keratin treatment may be right for you!

Q. Do I need a keratin treatment/would I like one?

A. If you have naturally wavy to curly hair and would like your hair to be less frizzy and faster to style with better styling results, you will probably love a Keratin treatment! The lovely lady pictured here would be a great candidate for a keratin treatment.

Q. Does a Keratin treatment make my hair straight?

A. No, a Keratin treatment will loosen your curl/wave pattern a bit. Where you will notice the big difference is in reduction of frizz (whether worn natural or blown out), and also drastically reduced styling time. For example, I know someone with thick hair that takes an hour and 10 minutes to blow dry and smooth with a flat iron. With a keratin treatment, we can blowout her hair in 45minutes and there's no need for a flat iron. That's a difference of 25 minutes each time.

Q. How do Keratin treatments work?

A. Simply put, Keratin protein is deposited into the hair shaft and sealed in with heat. Compared to a relaxer which breaks down the structure of the hair to change the curl pattern, the Keratin treatment works more like a super deep conditioning treatment.

Q. How long does the treatment last?

A. Unlike a relaxer, Keratin treatments gradually fade away over time. 3-5 months for the full Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment, and 6-8 weeks for the Keratin Express Blowout. This means that you don't have to deal with a harsh grow-out line. Also, if you choose to not continue treatments, you will not be doomed to an awkward phase.

I am always happy to answer your specific questions regarding Keratin treatments! Feel free to message me directly if you think of something I haven't covered here.


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