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Hiding Frizzy Hair With Accessories

The heat this summer is no joke! Aside from using iron styling and products to tame frizz, some days I like to just embrace it. For me, this looks like an area close to my temples that will always frizz and wave- and then not match the rest of my style about 10minutes after going outside. Then there's also the chance that curling iron waves will disappear and puff out- in this case it's nice to have a great accessory to still feel cute and put together when the humidity takes over.

I consider this the year that I've officially become a hat person. In addition to providing some welcome added shade, this hat covers the entire "frizz halo" and is a great versatile accessory for days spent mostly outdoors or running errands.

I love that this hat matches several of my outfits. I found it at express for around $40, and it also comes with a beige band (instead of the black).

If you've followed me for a bit, you might have noticed that I love brightly patterned scarves. In addition to wearing on your wrist, around your purse strap, or neck, they offer a handful of hair options, too! Here, I wear one of my favorites like a simple headband tied at my neck hidden away. I like keeping a bit of the front hairline exposed because the scarf helps to keep it perfectly in place and smooth.

Another trick to this look; keep the top of your ear tucked in the scarf- this prevents the appearance of ears sticking out.

Here, I knot a scarf (twice) in the front and then tuck both ends inside. This look helps me to smooth down and hide my problem areas. Plus, you can pull up the hair at your crown for some added volume that is held in place by the scarf.

Both of my scarves are from Anthropologie for about $30. These are last season's designs, but the brand has other great styles that are currently available.

Until next time, enjoy the summer!


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