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Hair Trends to try this Spring

Spring is always the perfect time of year to try new things, don't you think? After a few months of our grey midwestern winter I always feel like an update to my look gives me a much needed little boost.

If you're looking for inspiration and don't know where to start, here's my top three trends to consider this spring!

  1. Curtain bangs- this trend has been going strong for a few years and it's no surprise that they're still quite popular. From the shorter version that ends on the forehead (pictured here) to a fringe landing at the jaw, curtain bangs have a pretty way of framing the face and are a welcomed update when you feel like your long hair has become a bit boring. March is the perfect time if you want to experiment because you'll have time to grow out before the brutal summer heat!

2. Messy Updos for everyday. I'm seeing a lot of messy french twists or twists leading into a bun/loop on top with natural texture and a pulled apart look. To really make this look feel effortless, be sure to pull a few (or several) loose pieces around the face and try out a large U shape french pin to hold it all together.

3. The French Bob. I am loving a blunt chin length- to slightly longer bob (with or without bangs). There is something so clean and chic about this chop when it's perfectly the same length from front to back with little to no layering.

Happy Spring, Friends!


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