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Create Your Own Spa Day

Do you feel like you really need a day of pampering? Let me show you how to treat yourself to a luxurious spa day that you can recreate without even leaving your house or buying anything new! Just follow my simple itinerary below & enjoy.

Step 1. Schedule the Time

Make sure to give your self 3 hours without interruptions from your partner, pets, or babies. Enlist the help of your partner if needed.

Step 2. Set the Vibe

Close the blinds, light all the candles you own, and play your favorite chill music. I like the "Pure Yoga" playlist on Apple Music.

Step 3. Hydrate

Drink water infused with fruit (all day). I happened to have extra limes and basil, so that's what I used.

Step 4. Stretch for Approximately 5 Minutes

I practiced my favorite yoga moves to the timeframe of two songs.

Step 5. Dry Brush

If you own a dry brush, spend approximately 3 minutes brushing your body in a circular motion with medium pressure working towards your heart. (feet to hips, hands to shoulders, then from the outer edges to your torso towards the heart). If you don't own a dry brush, try a textured or rough towel. This will help you decide if you want to purchase a dry brush later.

Step 6. Deep Condition

Apply your favorite deep conditioner (or regular conditioner if you don't have one) from the mid lengths to ends of your dry hair and twist into a bun shape and the top of your head. Clip if needed.

Step 7. Mask

Apply your favorite face mask, need I say more?

Step 8. Foot Soak

Remove your finger and toenail polish first and also trim and file your nails. I made a home made foot scrub by mixing about one cup of sea salt with a small amount of olive oil. You can also use your favorite essential oils, but I didn't have any. If the scrub gets a little messy, don't worry because it's time to...

Step 9. Shower

Step 10. Moisturize

Use your favorite lotion/moisturizer and take your time head to toe!

Step 11. Blowout

Take your time blowdrying your hair and finish it smoothly over a round brush

Step 12. Mani-Pedi

Polish your nails in a favorite color that makes you smile. I used the Essie color; Good as Gold.

Step 13. Relax

This day is for you. Allow your self to take things slow, read a book, and even stay in your bathrobe all day!

Special Note: This post was written at the time of the Shelter in Place order in Chicago. It was a fun challenge to come up with a day of self-pampering without leaving the house to pick up any new indulgent products.

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