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Skip the Reception

Have you ever imagined just bailing on your formal reception and instead wandering around Wicker Park alone (with your partner of course), and maybe grabbing some good ramen and hanging out in an arcade???⁠ Basically doing whatever you want...

This was the inspiration for our recent project with Lionhearted Events and photographer Mari Trancoso.⁠

I'm sure there's at least a few fellow introverts who can relate. And besides- for many couples, reality looked a lot like this over the past year... so why not make the best of it!⁠

Plus- the non traditional event makes the perfect setting to wear whatever you want- like a belted bridal pantsuit, hat & boots!


Photography- Mari Trancoso⁠

Production- Lionhearted Events⁠

Hair & Makeup- Beauty by Ann Krause⁠

Bridal attire- Honey Bridal⁠

Groom model- Broderick

Bride model- Jasmine


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