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Favorite Wedding Hair & Makeup Looks- Chosen by our Clients

As I was putting together this latest post (to show off some of the beautiful photos from 10 of our recent wedding clients) I didn't know at first what I would title it or what the focus would be.

Then as I scrolled through, I quickly noticed a few common themes across the board. In fact, our clients chose mostly similar looks!

For Makeup, an application with muted and natural colors overall and a bold lash has been the most popular, with our fall & winter brides sometimes opting for a deeper color palette.

On the hair styling side, wearing hair down or half down remains more popular than ever- with the "tucked behind the ears" look highly requested for the 5th year in a row.

I firmly believe that updos will never go out of style for the wedding day. Currently, various versions of the low bun are the top choice.

See below some of our favorite looks from our beautiful clients!


Fox & Ivory Photography


Nicole Morisco Photography


Lauren Ashley Studios


Meredith Donnelly Photography


Jasko Photography


Brian Barnhart Jr. Photography


Photos by Maudlin Co.


Maypole Studios


Michael and Kristin Photography


Aanna Chase Photography

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