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Just like many careers, there's a lot of common misconceptions about what it's like to be in wedding hair and makeup. That's why I thought it'd be fun to share some of the questions (and their answers) that I get asked often. Enjoy!

photo by Lauren Ashley Studios

Q. You must have a lot of crazy stories, right?

A. Actually, I don't. Our clients are no-drama and we plan ahead to make sure that the wedding day goes smoothly- so no wild tales to tell here.

Q. Since you specialize in weddings, do you just take the weekdays off?

A. This is one that always surprises me a little. Between communicating with brides inquiring about our services, planning for all our brides' trial run sessions and wedding days, and marketing to make sure we're constantly meeting newly engaged ladies, my weekdays are full (aside from Monday and Tuesday which I take as my "weekend").

photo by Nicole Morisco Photography

Q. Isn't it best to have dirty hair for an updo?

A. Not really. If your dirty hair means a little hairspray or dry shampoo build up, that's great. But If your hair is pretty oily (visibly oily on top) you're better off shampooing and starting fresh.

Q. How do you find new clients, is it all word of mouth?

A. We appreciate our clients and other vendors who send us their friends! How we stay busy all season is due to a combination of word of mouth, referral bonuses, Instagram, Facebook, Google my business, email marketing, the Knot, Wedding wire, and Zola (maybe I forgot one or two here).

photo by Sean Cook Weddings

Q. Do you offer any specials or discounts for weddings in the slow season?

A. Sorry, but we do not offer any specials. Our current pricing allows us to cover our expenses with just a modest profit. As Hair and Makeup artists, we are constantly investing in our kits, taking continued education, and ours is a field that doesn't come with the benefits (like health insurance & retirement plans) that are standard in other fields. While it may appear like we make a lot of money, much of that needs to be invested right back into the business. For these reasons, there isn't wiggle room.

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  • Writer's pictureAnn Krause

If you feel the urge to update your look a bit as the winter comes to end, you are not alone! If you're looking for some inspiration, check out these updates that will work for almost anyone!

The Long Curtain Fringe

Curtain Bangs in all lengths have had serious staying power over the past few years, and aren't going away anytime soon. If you've been on the fence for awhile, consider going for the longer variety (ending between the cheek and jawbone).

This look frames the face nicely, de-emphasizes a forehead, and gives a little lift to long hair styles, while at the same time offering the option to be pulled back into a ponytail as needed.

The Bouncy Blowout

Called "Rich girl hair" by some, I love this classic look because it's easy to perform at home with just a little practice and a few extra minutes.

Here's how I create this look for myself;

First I blow dry with a round brush, and then use texture spray throughout. I use my 1 1/4' iron to curl a mohawk section (like pictured below) up and away from my face, pinning each curl with a duckbill clip.I also like to curl the rest of my hair in large sections downward and towards my face. Then I spray liberally everywhere with a medium hold hair spray.

After leaving the hair set for about 30 min, I take out the pins and brush out my hair for the perfect bouncy volume!

Mermaid Waves

In the salon, you might see this look created with a flat iron. This is the technique that looks like rocking the hair back and forth as the flat iron slides down a section of hair. This method can be tricky to do for yourself, especially once you move past the front & sides of your head.

For a more user friendly approach, check out the Bondi-boost waver. This tool retails for under $60 and has 3 separate barrels. I like experimenting with sections sizes and varying how close to the root I start waving each section for a look that's not too perfect.

Happy styling!

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  • Writer's pictureAnn Krause

If you're getting married soon, you know how important it is to feel confident that your beauty services will keep you looking your best well into the evening. Simply hiring a professional team isn't the only thing you need to do, but not to worry- we're here to help you navigate through this.

photo by Fox + Ivory

First of all, let's make sure that your expectations align with your skin type, facial features and hair texture. It's not uncommon for us to be drawn to inspiration pics of looks that aren't realistic- or will translate much differently on us. For example, having a different eyelid shape than the model in your inspo pic probably means that you can't expect your eye makeup application to be a mirror image. It is your artists' responsibility to discuss in detail these differences, inform you of the outcome you can expect, and provide you with alternate options that you may like even better. This is the difference between a good and a great makeup/hair artist. You don't want someone who will over promise, and leave you feeling disappointed when things don't turn out just like you expected.

photo by Sean Cook Weddings

Next, let's think about the possible weather scenarios on your wedding day. Getting married in late July? If so, you should be prepared for the possibility of temperatures of 100+ degrees, and also humidity and rain. No one wants to think about any of these less-than-ideal scenarios that could require you to change plans, but if you consider these possibilities when choosing your look you will have one less thing to worry about later. If you hate being too hot, and your hair tends to frizz or fall limp in humidity, you should consider wearing it all up for your summer wedding.

photo by Rempel Photography

Finally, you should make alternate plans/solutions for the things that you can't control. Doing your research and selecting an indoor photo location (or three) that you LOVE in case rain prevents you from making it to Millennium Park and the lakefront, you don't have to feel like you're settling. If you're getting married in the summer when humidity is at it's highest, you may want to consider booking your hair and/or makeup artist to stay with you through the afternoon until your ceremony. Be sure to inquire about this when you book your services since this is something that isn't typically available as a last minute add on.

photo by Nicole Morisco

Happy wedding planning!

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