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My story

My love for the beauty industry started when I was eight years old and my mother told me that she could not French braid my hair because she didn't know how.  That was when I taught myself to braid, and I've enjoyed doing hair ever since!   I consider myself quite lucky to have turned one of my favorite hobbies into my career.

It wasn't a direct path to where I am now, I spent eight years with a career in hotel management where I enjoyed a challenging role that always kept me on my toes.  Yet, I always dreamed of becoming a stylist.

Today I run my own Wedding Hair and Makeup Team, and I work with my clients on a daily basis at Delle Amiche Salon in Chicago. When I'm not doing hair, I occupy my time with cooking relatively healthy meals, baking desserts, crafting, going on long bike rides, and enjoying a variety of books.

I look forward to getting to know you!


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