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Why Every Woman Should Have These 3 Hairstyles Mastered

Do you ever finished getting dressed, only to fuss around with your hair because you're feeling uninspired- or worse yet; your hair is misbehaving and you just don't know what to do with it? I used to have days like this, even after becoming a hairstylist. Now, I like to make sure that I always have 3 go-to hairstyles that I can quickly choose from, and the fun thing is that you can totally change these with the seasons.

For example; my bun of choice used to be a messy topknot, this summer it's a low chignon with loose waves around my face.

I hope that you find my concept and general ideas inspiring. The ideas are just that; general. For example, when I talk about a bun, your favorite version can be anything. My goal is for you to have a plan that will save you time because you know exactly how to achieve your end goal, you know how long it's going to take, and you can choose quickly between the three. Think of this like having your three favorite outfits!

If you need inspiration to find your favorite ponytail, etc. please check out my IGTV where I share tutorials for everyday looks that you can do at home!

Look #1. Beautiful Texture

Insert your favorite wave/curl here. I'm currently loving what I like to call sexy messy hair. You might get a couple of days out of this style (when secured on top of your head while sleeping), and when that's over you still have the perfect foundation for looks 2 & 3.

New things to try:

Use dry shampoo right from the beginning to add volume and a defense against oiliness.

Give yourself a looser wave than we have been in the past few years by increasing your iron size by 1/4" and also tugging your hair straight while still hot to prevent it from waving too tightly.

Look #2. Elevated Pony

This is a great look on day 2. You've already got a great wave/curl, sure it has relaxed a bit, but there's no need to redo it.

Here's some ways to make your pony special:

Tease the fullest part of the pony to make your hair even thicker.

Use a fancy hair tie or cuff, or scarf.

Loosen the hair on top of your head by pinching and pulling pieces upward. This will give instant volume and texture and make your face look more narrow.

Twist a loose piece of hair around your hair band to hide the band. Pull this piece through with a topsy tail.

Look #3. Effortless Bun

This can always be a great choice on day 3 since you don't need to leave any of your hair down. A little dry shampoo and no one knows how long it's been since your last shampoo.

New things to try:

Wear a headband or tie a scarf around your head.

Try a bun with your natural texture if you have waves/curls.

Use decorative pins on the back of your head or nestled into the base of the bun for added sparkle.

Leave some loose pieces around your face.

Happy styling!


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