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The Best Summer Hair Accessories

If you know me, you know that I always love to make a hairstyle just a bit more special by adding an accessory (or two)! Recently, I splurged on a few great finds and I want to share with you the ways I am wearing them.

Normally I don't go for the crazy popular trends. When I see something everywhere it just feels too easy.... like it's the obvious choice. That didn't stop me from adding these pearl-snap-barrettes to my collection. Full disclosure; the style & functionality is exactly the same as a smaller, un-adorned version that my mom wore when she was in high school and let me borrow sometimes when I was a girl. So I guess you could say that these bring back fond memories. When a beloved old trend comes back, improved 100% you can count me in!

As soon as I got these, I had to experiment with the various side sweeping options they are known for.

The well done messy bun. I hear that there's a lot of women who doubt their messy bun skills. My first bit of advice is to not over think it. It's supposed to be messy, and it can definitely be asymmetrical. If you still feel like taking it up a notch add 2 of these pearl clips, big earrings and a bold lip for a look that will transition perfectly from the beach to your favorite rooftop.

This might be my favorite headband. Ever. I love how the way we wear headbands right now is just so relaxed and effortless. This one is made of an intense pink velvet. I think it is perfect with a t-shirt, skinny jeans, and heels. I expect to carry this into holiday season paired with a deep purple sweater. Who thought a headband could make you feel glamorous even when your hair is just "eh".

Too Glam to give a damn. Ladies! This is the kind of style we grow our hair out for! A twisty braid-do makes the perfect backdrop for a fun barrette like this one, and the combination is sure to get attention.

*All of my accessories were purchased from ASOS and I have linked them below in order of appearance. Enjoy!

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