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Meet your Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists

It's that time of year when the Holiday Hustle is behind us and we find ourselves ready to relax a bit. That is, unless you are planning a wedding! These days my time is mainly occupied talking with newly engaged women and helping them to secure their wedding day beauty services. I feel so grateful to be a part of the wedding industry in a city as amazing as Chicago, and for the opportunity to meet and work with several lovely Brides each season! I feel that choosing your wedding day Beauty Team is one of a Bride's most important decisions. We are some of the people you hire who you will probably spend the most time with; second only to your photographer or wedding planner. I pride myself on building a team of talented and caring artists who are not only easy to talk with, but also focused on bringing your wedding day vision to reality. Without further delay, let me introduce my artists!


Makeup Artist

Michelle has been obsessed with makeup for as long as she can remember. Even as young as elementary school, she remembers begging her mom for her very first eyeshadow one day when they were out running errands. Mom agreed, and Michelle happily picked out a light purple shade; so 90s.

Michelle loves being a Bridal Artist because the excitement surrounding the Wedding Day  is a feeling that can’t be replicated in any other industry.  

She describes the style of work as tailored. You can count on your look being tailored to your face shape, skin, and style. She prides herself in spending countless hours in classes practicing and studying the best techniques to bring out the natural beauty of varying face and eye shapes. Brides who work with Michelle appreciate her ability to cater to their preferences.   She believes that Your wedding day should be exactly that; YOUR day. As an artist she’s dedicated to making sure you achieve the look YOU want. After all, it is the biggest day of your life.


Hair Stylist

Nicole is a lover of comic books and superheros, who enjoys drawing and cooking in her free time.  She has always had a passion for the Beauty industry, and likes to be able to use her skills to help other women feel their best.

You will find that the style of Nicole’s work incorporates softness and texture, she is not a big fan of super tight looks. Blowouts and Up Styles are her favorite things to do because this kind of work allows her to be her most creative self.

If you get the opportunity to work with Nicole, you will find that she is very friendly and easy going.  She knows how to deliver the look that you want while working efficiently.


Hair Stylist

Nancy has always considered herself to be a lover of trends, and fashion.  She enjoys being a Bridal Hair stylist because it allows her to be a part of a special moment in a woman’s life.

Nancy describes her style Romantic, and Modern, yet Classic.  You will find that she is a very good listener and does a great job of exchanging ideas with you to create what you envision.

When Nancy is not at work, you can find her going to the movies, drawing, or listening to music as well as spending quality time with her six year old daughter.


Makeup Artist

Viki came from Europe when she was 20, and has lived and worked in italy as well as traveling around the world exploring different cultures, makeup styles , and she has put it together with the American culture.  It’s no surprise that her favorite hobby outside of work is travel!

Viki has a degree in fashion, and she never leaves the house without an accessory!  She is a fan of bold lipstick, italian cappuccino, and unique style.

She loves to do makeup because it allows her to use her creativity, she enjoys playing with shades, accents, texture.  Her specialty is airbrush makeup. She enjoys making people happy and seeing the smile on their face as the see the final results, and she appreciates all of the amazing people her profession allows her to meet.


Hair Stylist

Mary loves being a bridal stylist because it allows her to use her creativity to give the members of a Bridal party their dream hair styles. Very detailed, textured, and customized styles are her favorite to create.

When she’s not working, you can most likely find Mary roaming the aisles at target, (while listening to an audio book), making home cooked meals for her family using Pinterest inspiration, or participating in outdoor activities with her identical triplet daughters.  You heard that right, she has triplets!

If you get to work with Mary,  you will find that not only is she is an incredibly kind soul, she also gives an amazing consultation.  She has an ability to listen to your wants and needs, and then create your desired style.


Hair Stylist

Athina has always been fascinated with hair styling and enhancing people’s look with it.  It all started with chopping off her Barbie’s hair to give them different looks, and then it became styling all of her friends’ hair during recess, to now helping them get ready for a night out.  Athina is a Bridal Stylist now because she loves getting to help make a Bride and her tribe feel absolutely amazing for the memorable occasion.

Athina describes her style as effortlessly chic. As a woman with curly hair herself,  she doesn’t try to fight the clients’ hair too much, but rather finds it’s best qualities and works with it.  

When she is not working, you can find Athina rollerblading and talking to her bully dog like he is a human.

If you get to work with Athina on your wedding day, you will find that she is super easy to talk to and she takes direction very well.


Makeup Artist

Tilly is a lover of hot yoga, documentaries, and red lipstick… and of course, making people laugh!  She comes from a huge family including 5 siblings and 7 step-siblings, plus several nieces and nephews who she absolutely adores!

Tilly loves the energy in the room during wedding prep. That feeling is contagious. Even when a client is stressing about what they need to do, Tilly can effortlessly sit them in the makeup chair and ease their nerves.

She describles the style of her work as Classic and wearable. She loves a glamorous makeup look herself, but her clients always leave feeling like a better version of themselves.  Tilly’s Clients like that she can show them how to wear their makeup in a way they didn’t consider before. Didn’t think red was your color? She can show you the perfect red lip!

(Not Pictured).


Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist

Nancy is a lover of bold lipstick, pizza, photography,and all things Disney!  

Nancy became a bridal artist because she loves using her hair styling and makeup talents to help others feel beautiful. She describes the style of her work as classy with a little bit of sassy, and she enjoys the opportunity to be a part of a Bride’s special day (and of course getting to have girl time every weekend!)

One thing that her clients compliment her on is how well she listens.  Nancy believes that you know what works for you and makes you comfortable.  She’s just there to add the extra touch!

One piece of advice that Nancy has for her Brides is that you shouldn’t be afraid to try a little more during your trial.  You may not know what you’re missing out on!


Lead Stylist & Coordinator

I am a hairstylist with an affection for blowouts, braids, and up styles.  I have always been crafty, and each time I get to create an up-style in hair, I feel like an architect. There is something really special about being able to use my hands to build a style for one special occasion that will never be recreated again.

When I am not working, I enjoy drinking coffee, reading a variety of books, cooking, and going on long bike rides.  

A little known fact about me is that I used to hand model (part time) as a young adult.

I started my bridal team because I have always loved working with  wedding parties, and I knew that I wanted to make this niche  of the beauty industry a focus.  I enjoy being able to personally assist my Brides in pulling together their wedding day look along with my small team of caring and skilled artists.  

One of the things that most all of my Brides compliment me on is how organized I am. If you work with us for your wedding day, you will notice that my practices (including a detailed timeline) will take the guesswork and stress out of your preparations.

I cant wait to meet with you and help you to look and feel your best on your special day!

Happy Wedding Planning,



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