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Meet Your Wedding Day Beauty Pros!

A few weeks back, I held our annual team appreciation brunch and photo shoot, and I am so excited to share all of our new photos with you! Over the past year my team has grown a little bit and I want to take this opportunity to introduce the talented hair and makeup artists behind all of the beautiful Brides in our portfolio!

Front Row L to R: Mary, Nikki, Ann (me), Liz & Viki

Back Row L to R: Nicole, Becca, Nancy C., Tilly, Brittany & Michelle

Not Pictured: Nancy G., & Athina

Mary is an incredibly talented hair stylist whom I have known and worked with for over five years now, time sure does fly! She is always so calm and put together that you would never guess that she has identical triplet daughters!

Nikki is the only dual artist currently on the team. This means that she can provide our parties with both hair and makeup services, and she's absolutely killing it at both! Nikki is a big fan of country music, anything cheetah print and traveling to Cali any chance she gets!

It's me, Ann (your Beauty Coordinator and Lead Stylist)! Aside from doing hair and managing your wedding day beauty services in the most organized way I know how, my current obsessions include; sustainability, minimalism & financial independence (as well as making my own candles).

Liz is originally from Kentucky, and on occasion you may catch her souther accent. She worked a French beauty brand for years and it influenced the style of her make up artistry a great deal. Liz's favorite downtime activity is hammocking.

Viki has a degree in Fashion and she absolutely never leaves her house without at least one accessory! She came from Europe when she was 20, and has lived and worked in Italy as well as traveling around the world exploring different cultures. Viki loves to work in airbrush makeup, and when she's not keeping busy with our Brides, she also works in film.

Nicole's favorite kind of work includes hair styles that incorporate softness and texture (nothing too tight). She is a big fan of superheroes and comic books, and she also loves to draw in her free time. Nicole is a great listener and an incredibly efficient stylist!

Becca is one the artists who is new to the team for 2020 and she's already off to a great start! Aside from providing our clients with lovely, soft, romantic hair styles, her bubbly personality is a welcomed addition to the wedding day.

Nancy C. and I have been working with each other for several years now, as we met back in 2016 when we were each developing our own Bridal Beauty Brands around the same time! Over the years, we have been able to celebrate in each other's successes, and give each other support whenever possible. Nancy provides makeup artistry for our Brides and is a lover of all things Disney!

Tilly and I met at our first "real salon job" over seven years ago. It's so cool to get to stick together over the years through different phases in our lives and get to see each other grow in our careers. What I really love about Tilly is that she is a makeup artist with a knack for making absolutely anyone feel perfectly comfortable and at ease.

Brittany is a down-to-earth makeup artist and esthetician (which means that she's skin-care obsessed). She has a way of making you feel like you're great friends, even if you've just met her. You may never guess it, but Brittany has a secret love of tarot cards!

Michelle has been obsessed with makeup for as long as she can remember. Even as young as elementary school, she remembers begging her mom for her very first eyeshadow one day when they were out running errands. Her Mom agreed, and Michelle happily picked out a light purple shade; obviously it was the 90's.

Nancy has always been a lover of trends and fashion, and she enjoys being a Bridal Hair stylist because it allows her to be a part of a special moment in a woman’s life. When she's not busy providing our Brides and their Bridesmaids with flawless up styles and blow outs, you can find her going to the movies, drawing, or listening to music as well as spending quality time with her seven year old daughter.

Athina is a Hair stylist who describes her style as effortlessly chic. As a woman with curly hair herself,  she doesn’t try to fight the clients’ hair too much, but rather finds it’s best qualities and works with it.

When she is not working, you can find Athina rollerblading and talking to her bully dog like he is a human.

And now a couple more group shots from our party...

Photo Credit: Jenn Marie Wedding Photography (except for Athina and Nancy G.'s portraits)

Photo Credit for Athina & Nancy G: Kerri Carlquist Photography

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