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Keeping up With Self Care When Life Happens

Hello Ladies! When I first thought of blogging on this topic, it was more of a way to check in on New Years Resolutions and stay consistent when I let a stressful situation take over my life a little too much. Little did I know that a global pandemic was about to completely change everyone's way of life for a considerable period of time!

Now more than ever, I think it's important to refocus on our self-growth and development goals with self care being a key component! While I still love the concept of the "Happy List" (see January's post if you don't know what I'm talking about), I realize that people have different challenges right now based on profession.

Perhaps you are an essential worker and in addition to your job being extra intense right now, you are also working long hours and possibly separating yourself from the immediate family who normally live with -or- you might fall into the category of having a lot of free time at your disposal with no income coming in until this is over or until unemployment benefits kick in (fingers crossed).

The point of view I speak from is somewhere in the middle. (A little more free time and a lot less income). I just realized it's been a month since I have worked with a client in person! It's so interesting how something out of our control can take over and fully change our perspective! Right about now I would love to trade this in for the measly challenges I experienced back in February!

Here are my simple tips to keeping up with self care in these interesting times;

1. Allow yourself to feel all the feelings. My greatest strength is coming from the ability to surrender to what I cannot change. It's okay to feel really upset, emotional, disappointed, etc. for a day or two. As things have progressed, there have been a few milestones over the past month when things have gotten even more difficult for me professionally than I anticipated. I find that as long as don't live in the mindset of, "This can't be happening! How is this even real?!?!" it's easier for me to stay in a zen place most of the time.

2. Schedule the time for Self Care. If you are working overtime right now, this may look like setting the intention to spend 30minutes reading a book, or 5 minutes stretching. If you are laid off, this may look like scheduling in 2 hours in a day to research a topic you are interested in and holding yourself accountable. I realize that for some of us, given several weeks of free time makes it hard to not just lay around and relax all the time. I'm not saying everyone needs to accomplish great things with this time, but rather that those of us blessed with extra free time use it to our advantage in some way.

3. Revisit/Revise the Happy List. I introduced this idea in January as a way to remember the things that bring us joy and to replace wasted time with self care time. Here is my revised list to suit a time when most businesses are closed and many of us are trying to not spend any money.

-Reread a favorite book that you own.

-Finally read a book that you haven't yet read.

-Cook a favorite childhood comfort food. ex. Mac & Cheese from scratch.

-Cook from scratch more often than you normally do.

-Try at least one new recipe per week.

-Discover a peaceful route to walk or bike that doesn't have a lot of foot traffic.

-Try out a new home workout routine on YouTube, Instagram, or Pinterest.

-Finally accomplish an ignored household task. ex. I just figured out how to deep clean my 1800's radiators!

-Facetime/call the people you haven't seen in awhile.

-Write in a Journal


-Sit on your balcony if you have one. (Even in a winter coat, fresh air & sunshine feel nice)!

-Declutter your home. Set aside donations for later.

-Listen to podcasts.

-Study a topic you are interested in learning more about. ex. for me this is financial independence and sustainability & minimalism.

-(And) make tangible adjustments to your lifestyle based upon what you learn.

- Draw

I hope that you found some suggestions above that interest you and that you find the time to incorporate some self care in your life today!


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