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How to Make the Best of Your Trial Run

photo: Joshua Harrison Photography

The Bridal Trial Run session is a very important part of planning your wedding day look! Not only is it a great time, but a lot of our brides say that once they had their trial (we like to schedule these sessions 2-3 months before the wedding) that things finally felt real and they get even more excited for the wedding day!

Aside from what might be common knowledge there are a few pieces of advice I like to share to help you have the best trial run.

photo: Nicodem Creative

First of all, this is what you can expect;

We start each trial run with a conversation about your inspiration photos, as well as what you love (and what you hate). From this conversation, we determine the best way to proceed.

At the trial run, we set aside a little extra time. This is because we like to check in with you and ask for your input while we create your look in a relaxed setting. This is also our opportunity to get your approval, or adjust things as needed.

We want you to be able to give the trial your full focus for the 60-90minutes that we are with you so you can determine how you feel about our work and share feedback.

I always follow up a couple of days later to see how everything worked out for the rest of the day (because longevity is important), and if you have any special notes or requests for us for the wedding day.

photo: This is Feeling

Here's what you can do to prepare;

Be sure to browse and save photos in advance of hair and makeup looks that you love. Even if you are still undecided on some of the details, we will be able to spot the similarities between your inspiration pics!⁠⁠


Wear a top that is the same color you will be wearing on your wedding day. This will help a great deal in getting an accurate read on your makeup colors.⁠⁠


Be selective on having a friend or family member join for your trial run. Some people you know may provide a helpful second opinion which is great, while others may pull your focus from the trial run. ⁠⁠We don't want you to be too distracted with side conversations or entertaining houseguests, that you notice things you don't love about the trial run look hours later.

If you already have your wedding day accessories, like your earrings, hair comb, veil, etc. feel free to have them handy at your trial. This will help to envision your complete beauty look!⁠⁠

Any questions about preparing for your bridal trial run? Just ask!

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