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How to Know When it's Time for a Change

Lately, it seems that many of my regular guests have been making drastic changes to their hair styles. Perhaps it's the new season that is inspiring this trend, but whatever the cause- I'm loving it! If you have found yourself on the fence, perhaps considering a new look but not certain if it's going to work for you, let me say right now that you don't need to be scared.

Today, I am sharing 5 simple questions to ask yourself before you make the leap, so you can walk out of the salon wearing your new style with confidence.

1. How will my daily routine change?

With any change, it is likely that the way you style and care for your hair will change a bit. It is your hairstylist's job to make sure that you are comfortable and able to recreate your style at home. Personally, I like to check in about a week after any major change to make sure that it's all going well. If you've never had bangs before, it's only natural that getting them to lay just right will take some getting used to.

2. Will my new cut give me more/less options?

It's important to think about the versatility of your new style compared to your current one. For example, I recently gave my guest, Liz, a layered bob that allows her to blow it out smooth, wear it naturally curly, and also add in beachy waves with her curling iron. This was a huge selling point for her.

3. Have I recently experienced a major life event?

Someone (a man) once told me to never give a woman a drastic change after a breakup. While I am not going to say that I agree with this advice to a T, I believe that it is important to not make any kind of rash decision in reaction to a traumatic event.

After taking some time for self care, and healing, a makeover can provide a boost of confidence as you transition into a new phase in life. Shedding inches of hair can feel quite liberating as you are letting go of something in your life that is not serving you.

On a positive note, I have had a handful of my Brides go for a bob/long bob hair cut following the wedding. This change is usually one that they have been thinking about for months, and they love the fuller and healthier hair that it gives them!

4. Will this new style compliment my life style?

Knowing how your salon visit frequency will change is key. If you are used to having your hair cut every 3 months, and you are considering a pixie cut that requires an appointment every 4 weeks to avoid looking sloppy, we need to make sure that this change will fit into your life style.

Whatever look you land on also needs to work with your workouts. Speaking for myself, I won't wear short bangs or any length that I cannot braid. Otherwise, my hair will drive me crazy when I'm riding my bike.

5. How long have I thought about this change?

Lastly, I like to make sure that any considerable change is well thought out (not something a coworker mentioned 4 hours before your appointment). If you know me at all, you know that I am a planner. I am not saying that everyone needs to be thinking about a style for this long, but as my general rule of thumb I advise that if you have found yourself thinking about it for at least 1 month you are ready to go for it!

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