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How to Eat for Better Skin

Did you notice the theme happening here? If not, check out my prior post where I talk about the foods that help with hair health.

When it comes to healthy skin, I will admit that I haven't always placed enough importance on the matter. I spent much of my early-mid 20's using tanning beds to try and build a "healthy base tan". My use of an actual skin care routine at the same time could be called sporadic at best. I used to think that I would like to age naturally and thought that I would never do any of those anti-aging procedures that women older than me did. Clearly, that was before I noticed my first wrinkle.

⁠⁠Today, in addition to utilizing the help of an esthetician/dermatologist and using a handful of quality skin care products daily, I also like to remind myself of the foods that promote healthy skin every once in awhile to make sure that I am incorporating some of these items in my meals regularly.⁠⁠

Here we go!⁠⁠


The Healthy skin list;⁠⁠

Fatty Fish⁠⁠



Sunflower seeds⁠⁠

Sweet Potatoes⁠⁠

Red or Yellow Bell Peppers⁠⁠




Dark Chocolate⁠⁠

Green tea⁠⁠

Red grapes⁠⁠


Funny how much overlap there is between this and the healthy hair list, right?⁠⁠

Happy grocery shopping!

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