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How One Chicago Couple Pulled off an Unforgettable Intimate Wedding!

When Aidan & Sal planned for their Summer Solstice Wedding, they new that they wanted to be surrounded by their closest friends and family, and that they wanted to get married right by the lake. Side note; this does require a little preparation (even if you're keeping it small) so make sure to do your homework so there's no surprises on the wedding day!

The universe was clearly working in our favor on this June day, because the rain held off for the afternoon, and once we finished doing Aidan's hair and makeup in her home, she was able to relax a bit, get dressed, and then walk a couple of blocks to her wedding ceremony!

In addition to the trends of the time (outdoor & smaller weddings) it is great to see a couple like Aidan & Sal make their celebration authentic to who they are as a couple. How special would it be to spend the first half of your special day in the comfort of your own living space, and then exchange your vows in one of your favorite place to spend your time?!

Above: Aidan re-writing her vows just before getting into her dress

Below: Aidan in her courtyard

Hair by Ann

Makeup by Nancy C.

Photos by Fuller Photo Co

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