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Here is your Holiday Hair Inspiration!

The Low Bun

If you are anything like me, you love the whole Thanksgiving through New Year's Holiday season, and you consider keeping up with traditions almost a hobby of yours. The favorite of these Holidays for me, is Christmas. I began my collection of decorations as a small child (so young I cannot remember exactly), when my parents decided to gift my brother and I each one ornament per year so that we would not move out on our own someday without the necessary items to decorate our homes for Christmas. Now that you have caught a glimpse into my love for Christmas, you will not be surprised to see that all of my Holiday Hair Styles this year include some sort of ribbon or sparkle. Without further delay, let me show you my favorites!


Casual Half Up Style

I like to categorize this look as "casual" because I would wear it almost anywhere! This half up style has a bit of volume at the crown, some loose curls and a twisted effect which sweeps a good amount of hair away from the face. This whole look is held together with a sparkly rose-gold barrette. As an added perk, this makes me feel like my hair is a whole lot longer than I thought it was. Are you one of those people who picks up random barrettes when you shop and they just sit in your drawer because you never think of the right opportunity to wear them? Well here is your chance! This is now I will wear my hair for Thanksgiving dinner with my family.


The Messy Braid Pony

This look is a bit more adventurous by my standards and is fit for an evening out, for sure! A little tease for added volume and control leads into a deconstructed dutch braid, and then a ponytail. Adding wave and volume to the ponytail is a must to complete this hairstyle. Just check out what happens when I add a little extra sparkle in my last picture! I appreciate the option to wear this style accessorized or as is. I haven't decided upon my favorite version yet, but I do know that I will be repeating this look for my company Holiday party.


The Low Bun

There is just something so pretty and chic about this low bun. Although you may not see it, there is a slight tease for volume and control at the crown as well as along the sides. This look began with all of the hair swept back into a pony, then tons of teasing and pinning to form this textured bun. A loose bow of black ribbon perfectly compliments tassel earrings. This hair style makes me feel so classy without being boring. This is the look I will be wearing to church on Christmas Eve.

Happy Holidays!

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