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Have Yourself a Casual Little Christmas

This year I'm keeping things pretty simple because, why not? This is my current favorite way to wear my hair; the basic claw clip twist- with a little added sparkle!

After shopping around on several sites I found a beautiful set of clips (one clear, one black- both with the same gold chain detail) on amazon!

To achieve this look I brushed all of my hair to the back (minus a couple of face framing pieces) and started the twist at the nape of my neck. I twisted upward and then folded the hair back down once I reached the spot where I wanted the top of the clip to sit.

I then did my best to hide the ends (those of you with hair shorter than mine will find this a lot easier than I did) and finally put the clip in place.

Note: once you place the clip the hair is all quite secure. Don't expect to loosen it or add texture at this point.

Happy Holidays!

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