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Beauty Trends from our Real Brides

With the 2019 Wedding Season well under way, I am excited to be able to show off some of the beautiful Brides who my team and I have had the pleasure to work with recently! First, let me say that the photos I am sharing in this post are limited to the Brides I have been able to stay in touch with after their Weddings and whom have agreed to share their photos with me.

You will notice that all of the Brides featured here have chosen a timeless makeup application to show up as an elevated version of their everyday selves, with some Bridesmaids having fun with colors that are more bold. All but one have chosen a hair style that is down/half down, proving that you certainly don't need an updo these days to look like a Bride!

Mary Kate & Kevin

photos by Erin Hoyt Photography

With a little extra curl, and a whole lot of hair spray a style like Mary Kate's can stand up to hours of celebrating and dancing. A game time decision to slightly change the look of her half up style made her feel completely like herself on her Wedding Day, and we can't wait to get to work with a few of her friends in Weddings coming up later this year!

Eloise & David

Photos by HB Photos

Eloise proves here that styling a bob hair cut for your Wedding needn't be boring. Loose waves and the perfect flower crown gave her the ideal effortless, boho vibe. (Bride's own makeup ).

Megan & Dan

photos by Gerber Scarpelli Weddings

Megan was a regular guest of mine in salon for a few years before she got engaged, so once I noticed the ring on her finger I couldn't help but jump right in to her bridal beauty inspiration! I'll let you in on a little secret; when you are already seeing me every couple of months for hair cuts it is super convenient to work in a conversation about your Wedding plans. Megan and I were able to brainstorm her vision and narrow down ideas over the course of her engagement resulting in a trial run appointment that was perfection!

Kristen & Chris

photos by Lidia Codrean

Kristen here, shows us all that a chic updo will never go out of style. A natural makeup application completed her Wedding day glow and was designed to perfectly compliment the shades in her bouquet.

Amy & Eamon

photos by Gold Grid Studios

Amy's Wedding day look was definitely glam! She choose to kick the natural looking makeup application up a notch with deeper tones and a smoky eye. Her hairstyle is my favorite optical illusion. While appearing like it is mostly down, it is in fact all secured together. This ensures that her hair will stay over her right shoulder all day and night as well as holding the curl.

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