Makeup Artist

Michelle has been obsessed with makeup for as long as she can remember. Even as young as elementary school, she remembers begging her mom for her very first eyeshadow one day when they were out running errands. Mom agreed, and Michelle happily picked out a light purple shade; so 90s.

Michelle loves being a Bridal Artist because the excitement surrounding the Wedding Day  is a feeling that can’t be replicated in any other industry.  

She describes the style of work as tailored. You can count on your look being tailored to your face shape, skin, and style. She prides herself in spending countless hours in classes practicing and studying the best techniques to bring out the natural beauty of varying face and eye shapes.
Brides who work with Michelle appreciate her ability to cater to their preferences.   She believes that Your wedding day should be exactly that; YOUR day. As an artist she’s dedicated to making sure you achieve the look YOU want. After all, it is the biggest day of your life.