Hair Stylist

Athina has always been fascinated with hair styling and enhancing people’s look with it.  It all started with chopping off her Barbie’s hair to give them different looks, and then it became styling all of her friends’ hair during recess, to now helping them get ready for a night out.  Athina is a Bridal Stylist now because she loves getting to help make a Bride and her tribe feel absolutely amazing for the memorable occasion.


Athina describes her style as effortlessly chic. As a woman with curly hair herself,  she doesn’t try to fight the clients’ hair too much, but rather finds it’s best qualities and works with it.  


When she is not working, you can find Athina rollerblading and talking to her bully dog like he is a human.


If you get to work with Athina on your wedding day, you will find that she is super easy to talk to and she takes direction very well.


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